Meet your hosts

Your Hostess at The Rocks Albany is Noelene Evans. Noelene’s parents (Christine and Bernie Evans) purchased the property in 2003 and Noelene now runs the business. She lives onsite and is willing and able to assist guests as required.

Noelene has two “super guard” dogs, McKinley (Mac) and Eskimo (Esky).

Mac is an aging Maltese x Bichon Frise born in November 2000 and who is a demure old chap who loves to say “Hello” and then leaves you in peace. Esky on the other hand, born in April 2007, is a delightful “meet and greet” specialist. She is a Maltese x Shih Tzu with a dash of Poodle. She is a complete shmooze and adores any amount of attention you can give her paricularly on your arrival when she will roll over and expect her tummy rubbed!

The dogs pretty much have free roam of the property but are not allowed into the guests’ rooms or in the Dining Room.